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TH 171: Text Analysis for Actors: Home

A Raisin in the Sun Oral Report

Group 1


Provide political, economic and legislative information on both a national and regional level.  African american history, Chicago history, civil rights movement, and abortion.

Group 2


Provide information about popular culture, music, art, religion and literature of the period.

Group 3


Provide information about Lorraine Hansberry, the original and subsequent productions of the play.  Also provide a basic overview of African American contributions to the American Theater.


This Research Guide has been compiled to help you find a variety of resources to prepare your presentations on A Raisin in the Sun Here you will find a detailed bibliography of books, media, and online resources for each research group. 

Use the gray tabs above to open lists.

Home in Chicago's Marquette Park neighborhood, built in 1950.  From Zillow online real estate listings.