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What is Dramaturgy?

"The play asks a question. A great play asks more than one.

The job of the dramaturg is to help all the artists and the audience to ask the same question of themselves.

The journey of the theater is self-discovery." --Jayme Koszyn, dramaturg, The Huntington Theatre

About this Guide...

Welcome to the Dramaturgy Research Guide. Explore this guide to learn more about the work of a dramaturg, and to find professional resources and best practices for the craft of dramaturgy. 

Looking for subject specific information or researching a particular play or historical period? Try these other Theater Research Guides, search the Cornish Library Catalog, or  Ask a Librarian! :

Four Beginning Points

1. "What are the questions that the play asks, and how can we ask the same questions of ourselves?"(Jayme Koszyn, Dramaturgy in American Theater, 1997)

2. What in a sentence is the story of the play?

3. What is the central image or metaphor of the play?

4. What are our first responses to the play, particularly in terms of its strengths (+), challenges or problems (-), questions (?), cracks (/ - ways into the play)?

Proehl, Geoff. "Four Beginning Points." Dramaturgy Northwest. 1996. Web. 25 June 2012

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